People of all ages nowadays indulge in tattooing and piercings from famous skin artists. You might have come across many studios in your town/cities that offer different skin marking services. However, finding a safe option is challenging, as it is an invasive procedure. In this content piece, we have listed the top 7 tattoo studios to visit in Fort Worth, United States. Read on to find out their specialty and unique services. 

1. Randy Adams Tattoo Studio


Offers custom tattoos and full body piercing

SERVICES/PRODUCTS Tattoo, Piercing, Minor Piercing
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday to Sunday: 12 pm-10pm
ADDRESS 6467 E Lancaster Ave, Fort Worth, Texas 76112, United States
PHONE 817-446-0272

Randy Adams Tattoo Studio is one of the highest-rated tattoo shops that was established in 1970. It is in business for over 23 years providing excellent services to its customers. This studio has some highly experienced tattooists who can turn your imagination and desired designs into an outstanding tattoo piece. The studio has female tattoo artists too. Andy Martinez, who has been tattooing since 1991, is one of them.

If you want to visit this studio, we have provided the address and contact details below. There is no need to schedule an appointment as this studio is a Walk-in tattoo shop. Here, people are served on a first-come, first basis. After getting your best tattoo from here, you can download an after-guide form that artists will advise you to. They take great care of your tattoo so that it heals well.

It is a wonderful place to be. I have many tattoos on my body, but this is the one place I will return to and recommend from now on. Squinty was very friendly and courteous, from calling for a session to working on my skin. 

– Paige C. Braddy

2. Epic Tattoos

USP North Fort Worth’s oldest and most trusted Tattoo shop
SERVICES/PRODUCTS Custom Tattoo Artwork, Precision Body Piercings, Body Jewelry.
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday- Thursday: 12:00 PM- 9:00 PM
Friday&Saturday: 12:00 PM- 9:00PM
Sunday: 12:00PM-6:00PM
ADDRESS 6627 N Beach St, Fort Worth, TX 76137
PHONE 817-306-8500

This studio was established way back in 2004 on North Beach Street. The owner of this tattoo shop, Todd Bush, realized a need for a more artistic shop for tattoo needs. Hence, he established the Epic Tattoo studio. It has nice decor, excellent hygiene standards, and courteous staff to welcome the visitors.

For an epic experience of getting tattooed by highly trained tattoo artists, you can just step into Epic tattoo studio and avail the services of this top-rated tattoo shop. Staff at Epic focuses on quality skin markings and piercings. Customer service par excellence is their motto. The studio specializes in precision body piercings and high-quality body jewelry. Walk-ins are welcomed on Friday and Saturday all day long. You might want to visit and experience the difference by yourself at affordable rates.

I have got 3 tattoos and 2 piercings from this studio, and every time I walk in, it is a pleasant experience. Jay does a fantastic job. He pays attention to what I need and offers excellent advice. It was super fun to visit here every time. 

- John k. Bing

3. Heart n Soul

USP Offers from the basic piercings to extreme and include dermal anchoring and surface piercing.
SERVICES/PRODUCTS Tattoos and Piercings
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday-Tuesday: Closed 
Wednesday: 12 pm-5 pm
Thursday-Saturday: 12 pm-7 pm
Sunday: 12pm to 5pm
ADDRESS 9124, Camp Bowie, West Blvd Suite, 600 Fort Worth, TX 76116, United States
PHONE 817-238-0808

Heart n Soul Tattoo studio started in Grass Valley, California, on the main street. It is located upstairs with a doorway visual on the road. It has a dreamy décor. Later, the second studio at Fort Worth opened in 2010 with amazing creative artists. The studio guests some famous tattooists and have a group of satisfied clients. It is a street style shop which is clean, friendly and inviting.  

Its creative crew includes Zoey, who has been tattooing for 24 years, Jake Hunter has been in this career for 20 years, and Chris Chrome, having 26 years of tattooing experience. To see their work, you can just walkinto their studio or visit their Facebook page. After tattooing and piercing, clients are advised an after-care by the artists in this studio.

My experience in heart and soul was terrific. Zoey spent a lot of time detailing my tattoo, and it came out to be incredible. Zoey and Andrew are very professional as well as friendly. They provide quality services! I just loved it and can’t recommend heart and soul enough. I can’t wait for my next visit.

– Linda Cooper

4. Lucky Horseshoe Tattoo and Smokeshop

Lucky Horseshoe Tattoo Studio and Smokeshop is accepting walk-ins for tattoos and piercings. Located on North Main street in Fort Worth, it is a studio where you can find the best artists. Its tattooing prices are kept affordable with an hourly rate system. For the piercings, there are different rates for different designs, which depends on artists too. This is among the cheap tattoo shops you will find.

They make it compulsory for anyone 18 years and below to be accompanied by a parent. Minor piercing is done after their birth certificates are shown. You can go for infant piercings here, andthe only condition is immunization.This studio is voted best of the 2020 and 2015 tattoo shops in Fort Worth Weekly. So, if anyone wants to visit them, they can go down to Fort Worth and experience it. It is a female-friendly tattoo and smoke shop.

USP A female-friendly shop with a welcoming staff of badass tattoo and piercing artists.
SERVICES/PRODUCTS Adult piercings, Minor Piercings, Infant piercings, Tattooing, Smokeshop
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday- Saturday: By appointment only
Sunday: Closed
ADDRESS 1426 N Main St, Ft. Worth, TX, 76164
PHONE 817-378-8933

When I walked in, I had a design on my mind. I can’t believe how artist Gil at lucky horseshoe turned my imagination much better on my skin. Whitney pierced my daughter’s nose, and I loved how she handled her. The staff was professional, and I saw a concern for hygiene among the team. I will recommend anyone who wants to have a first-class creative experience.

– Gary Jackson

5. Ink817 Tattoo

Ink817 is a tattoo shop that is run by really experienced people in the field. The shop does custom piercings and tattooing at its finest level. It is a highly rated tattoo shop and has been regularly voted as the best tattoo studio in Fort Worth for the last four years. First responders, service members, and veterans can avail discounted rates here. Discounts are available for full-day sessions too. Ink817 has a policy of Shop minimum for tattoos at $60. The hourly rates are at $150.

It is a cheap tattoo shop providing high-quality free consultations with artists by appointment. It is a Walk-in shop, attended to on a first-come, first-serve basis. They don’t allow minor piercings;they must be 18 years to get a tattoo at Ink817. Also, only ear lobe piercings are done for minors below 13 years. If you want to book an appointment, a non-refundable pre-deposit is required at Ink817.

USP A Veteran owned and operated, full-custom Tattoo Studio dedicated to the most advanced level of artistry.
SERVICES/PRODUCTS Body Piercings, Tattoos
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday to Thursday: Noon-10pm
Friday to Saturday: Noon-Midnight 
Sunday is by appointment only.
ADDRESS 3204 Camp Bowie Blvd. Fort Worth, TX 76107, United States
PHONE 682-204-0696

I would have been happier if I could give more than five stars. I am extremely impressed by the piercing Heather did.  The process was smooth from initial conversation to piercing, and I was guided thoroughly and adequately by Heather. Advice given for after-care was top-notch too.

– Judy Anderson

6. Daddy Jacks Body Art Studio

USP Offersmany body jewelry and piercing options and has an Art Gallery inside.
SERVICES/PRODUCTS Custom Tattoo Designs, Body Piercings, Art Gallery
OPERATIONAL HOURS Sunday – Thursday: 12pm-10pm
Friday & Saturday: 12pm- 11pm
ADDRESS 5970 Park Vista Cir. #172 Fort Worth, TX, 76244, United States
PHONE 817-337-8184

It is the best-rated tattoo shop, operating since September of 2013. Jack owns this studio, with experience in the industry for over 15 years. When Jack and Kat, a couple, decided to open a studio, they intended to change people’s perception of tattooing. Kat was already in a business, and that is how the studio made a grand opening. In terms of professionalism and hygiene, the studio provides unbeatable services. Daddy Jacks Body Art Studio is a top-rated tattoo shop with cheap services.

The studio is family-friendly. You can feel the comfort and a lively atmosphere in the studio. At Daddy Jacks, you can get a wide range of piercing and body jewelry options. To satisfy the creative beast within you, this studio does the outstanding work of housing an Art gallery. You can find paintings and hand-made items here, all by local artists in the vicinity. Along with marking your body creatively, It is a good tattoo shop for an art enthusiast.

At daddy jack tattoos, I went into an impressive establishment. Jack did a piercing on my and husband’s body. I was pleased through the entire process. We saw meticulous attention to sanitation and hygiene. I will be returning to Jack for all future tattoos I would want to get.

– Buda Rosy

7. Fort Worth Tattoo Shop

Fort Worth Tattoo shop is a locally owned, quality service provider establishment with over 19 years of experience in the field. You can give a call or visit for yourself to have the first-hand experience of interacting with and acquiring the works of the most talented tattoo artists around Fort Worth. It is a safe and clean tattoo and piercing shop, with perfect markings done by expert artists on the body- be it ears or the belly button. You can bring your tattoo ideas here, and artists will make sure to turn them into a masterpiece.

While visiting this high-rated tattoo shop, you will find that the sterilization method used here surpasses all mandatory regulations. Services at this tattoo and piercing shop are not limited to traditional designs and include Japanese tattoos, portrait tattoos, body jewelry, and cover-up tattoos. Artists here love to experiment with different ideas while being mindful of unique skin needs. So, if you want a creative experience, the Fort Worth Tattoo shop is just a call away.

USP An experienced team of tattoo artists providing the cleanliest and quality experience to its customers for the past 19 years.
SERVICES/PRODUCTS Custom Tattoos and Body Piercings
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday – Saturday: 2 pm-12 am
Sunday: 2 pm-10 pm
ADDRESS 1517 Jacksboro Hwy, Fort Worth, TX, 76114, United States
PHONE 817-237-9799

Everyone is excellent at Fort Worth. Puck is very friendly. I brought my 19-year daughter here for ear piercing, and I saw amazing results. I got a tattoo on myself, too, by Alien. His artistic ability and creativity made the tattoo turn out better than I could have imagined! I highly recommend Fort Worth Tattoo shop.

– Stephanie Baker