Splash Pads are primarily the first option that every kid states when asked about the weekend getaway. Forget kids; splash pads in St. Louis also witness teenagers and adults having fun with their families at the end of the weekend. Have your kids been asking about visiting a Splash Pad in St. Louis? Here are the Top 7 St. Louis Splash Pads that can double the fun and triple the enjoyment of your beloveds. Check these out.

1. Forest Park

USP A Beautiful Urban Park & The Greatest Civic Treasures of St. Louis
PRODUCT/SERVICES Picnic Sites, Recreation, Restroom, Splash, Statues, Monuments, Water Features, Lakes, Cascades, Fish Hatchery, Seven Pools, Emerson Grand Basin, Bowl Lake, Murphy Lake, Jefferson Lake, Dining, Art Museum, Missouri History Museum, Science Center, Muny Opera, Boathouse, Steinberg Skating Rink, Dwight Davis Tennis Center, Probstein and Highlands golf courses. Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Cycling, Fishing, Soccer, Rugby
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday to Sunday – 06:00 am – 10:00 pm
ADDRESS 5595 Grand Drive, St. Louis, MO 63112, United States
PHONE 314-367-7275
EMAIL info@forestparkforever.org
WEBSITE https://forestparkforever.org

Forest Park was officially founded in 1986 and currently falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Forestry. With over 12 million visitors a year, this splash pad in St. Louis is a common gathering place for people from all sorts of backgrounds. This St. Louis splash pad is also a major fundraiser and does everything to restore landmark destinations.

When you look at the Splash Pads, you can sense an all-time fun activity for your kids. With sprinklers, puddles, and so much more to play with, you can see your kid getting completely indulged in it. Do you think you have nothing to do all this while? Well, you are highly mistaken. At the Forest Park Splash Pad, St. Louis, you can walk around lakes, enjoy a picnic with your family, visit the art museum, and play your favorite sports.

“The place is well-maintained, oriented, and has everything to keep your wife busy. I visited the zoo. The animals looked well taken care of. After that, we went boating. The paddle boats looked in good condition. I missed the museum this time but won’t miss it the next. If you are worried about kids not having fun, then do not stress over it. The place has statues, toys, scenery, sliders, and everything to keep them busy. Forest Park should definitely be on your list for this weekend getaway.”

– Kyra Harper

2. City garden Sculpture Park

USP A Place Dedicated to Art, Greenery, and Water for Kids
PRODUCT/SERVICES Sports, Recreation, Interactive Art, Fountains, Splash Pads, Gardens, Winding Paths, Lawns, Six Rain Gardens, Children’s Spray Plaza, Six-Foot Waterfall
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday to Sunday – 06:00 am – 10:00 pm
ADDRESS 801 Market St, St. Louis, MO 63101, United States
PHONE 314-241-3337
EMAIL info@citygardenstl.org
WEBSITE http://citygardenstl.org/

The oasis of eye-catching sculptures, interactive sights, bubbling fountains, and green spaces, the Citygarden Sculpture Park offers one of the best splash pads in St. Louis. Founded in 2009, the place is now the home of over two dozen sculptures that narrate a unique story. Citygarden Splash Pad makes the art accessible to every individual entering inside.

Besides all of this, you have got to see the fantastic waterwork that is dispersed all over the place. The water shoots quite a few feet into the air from the stunning eye-catchy 102 mini fountains at the spray plaza. The massive split basin is bound by a sweeping waterfall that makes your kids go all around without blinking an eye. The main attraction of the City Garden St. Louis Splash Pad is the Eros Bendato sitting atop the fountain base, looking like streaming water from the head.

“This is one relaxing place to visit in summers. The water features here are incredibly awesome. Be cautious. Your kid can ask you how long the water shoots reach as mine did. LOL. On a serious note, the city garden is indeed a place where your family can go and have fun. We as a family as always in awe of such natural landscapes, waterfalls, and greenery, and that is why we had a whole day spent here. Just an advice, do have a quick bite at the food truck. These are damn delicious.”
– Tom Redel

3. Tower Grove Park

USP A Premier Urban & Historic Destination offering Recreational, Educational, & Cultural Opportunities
PRODUCT/SERVICES Recreation & Fields, Picnics & BBQs, Playgrounds, Fountains, Historical Treasures, Natural Treasures, Birding, Carriage Rides, Membership, Muckerman Fountain, Splash Pad, Tennis & Pickleball, The Ruins, Farmer’s Market
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday to Wednesday, Friday to Sunday – 05:00 am – 10:00 pm
Thursday – 05:00 am – 07:00 pm
ADDRESS 4257 Northeast Drive, St. Louis, MO 63110, United States
PHONE 314-771-2679
EMAIL info@towergrovepark.org
WEBSITE https://towergrovepark.org/

When you look for Botanical Garden Splash Pad in St. Louis, Tower Grove Park comes on top. With approximately seven thousand trees, flowerbeds, cultural programs, community events, and more, this place is indeed your next family spot. Carrying the unique and historical character, Tower Grove Park plays an essential role in providing educational, recreational, and cultural opportunities to people of various ages and backgrounds.

Called the best in the City of St. Louis, it has the Muckerman’s Children’s Fountain as its center of attraction. The all-time favorite place of kids allows them to spend their whole day here. Besides this, the splash pad also offers a playground with a colossal fountain making a curtain of water. A wading pool alongside a dozen random jet sprays is just the cherries you wish to feed your kids.

“When you look at the trees running on your side, you cannot stop staring at them. Like I am the one that has all the love for greenery. I find my peace here. And this time, I got my kids here for a picnic. Let me tell you, and it went so awesome that my kids want to visit here again. Though all they did was stand next to the Muckerman fountain. Tower Grove Park is filled with beautiful ponds and greenery that is refreshing as ever. You can see ducks and turtles swimming.”
–Andrew Gates

4. Kiener Plaza Park

USP A Unique Splash Pad Area For The Kids
PRODUCT/SERVICES Playground, Fountain, Parks, Concert Area, Lawn, Splash Pad, The Runner’s Statue, Bistro Area, Bicycle Parking Grove, Café, Splash Pad, Garden, Children’s Play Garden,
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday to Sunday – 06:00 am – 10:00 pm
ADDRESS 601 Market St, St. Louis, MO 6310, United States
PHONE 314-289-5300
EMAIL Enquires on Call
WEBSITE https://www.stlouis-mo.gov/government/departments/parks/parks/browse-parks/view-park.cfm?parkID=50

With a large event lawn for concerts, an all-time green coverage, an extensive playground, and a unique splash pad area for the kids at heart, the Kiener Plaza Park is indeed one of the best Splash Pads in St. Louis. It is named in honor of Kiener, the Olympian who was an amateur boxer, wrestler, and swimmer, and a famous individual in the U.S Track Team.

After its renovation in 2017, this bay St. Louis splash pad features an urban oasis for children. It has hundreds of nozzles shooting up the water at heights. Each nozzle has integrated LED Lighting that emits colors that are an absolute delight to the eyes. The Runner Sculpture Fountain is what catches the eye from far away. The interactive splash pad has everything that a kid needs. As an adult, you get to see a picnic and rest area on the north side.

“This place has become my go-to spot every time I visit St. Louis. This time I came here with my wife and kids. I was shocked to see my kids finally being calm at a new place. Well, all thanks to the sculptures and fountains that kept my kids on edge. Pro tip: If your kids do not stay in your arms, you can also let them go in the kids’ section. It has many things for them to play with. It is a fun relaxing place overall.”
– Nathan Symonds

5. Tilles Park

USP A Splash Pad Keeping Kids Busy From Above and Below
PRODUCT/SERVICES Playgrounds, Trail, Tennis Courts, Fishing, Year-Round Restroom, Spray Fountain Play Area, Shelters, Winter Wonderland Light Display
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday to Sunday – 08:00 am – 30 Minutes Past Sunset
ADDRESS 9551 Litzsinger Rd. St. Louis. MO 63124, United States
PHONE 314-615-4386
EMAIL Enquires on Call
WEBSITE https://stlouiscountymo.gov/st-louis-county-departments/parks/places/tilles-park/

Have you heard about the famous Winter Wonderland Lights Display? Yes, this is the place where it all began in 1986. Tilles Park has all that you need to enjoy as an adult and as a kid. The reservable shelters are absolutely amazing to host your get-together and spend time with your beloved. It features water splashes from both directions- Above and Below.

The Wet Area size is approximately 2096 sq. ft. and is surrounded by ledges for people to sit on. With five buckets that are dumped into the water and splashed on the splashers below, it makes a whole lot of fun go wild. You get to see your kids playing with water coming from the sprays below. Besides this, you get to witness trails, tennis courts, and a fishing area.

“We had been there on Christmas. I had seen some photos earlier. I wanted to see it in real. What a light display these guys have here! When you look at the blooming day here, your eyes get mesmerized. But as the sun sets and the light work comes up, your eyes just get lit up. This is indeed a place meant for kids and adults. I leave my kids in the fountain play area while I look far and far to see what beauty is hidden amidst this place.”
– Theresa Boult

6. Jefferson Barracks Park

USP A Park Rich In Cultural Heritage and War Courses
PRODUCT/SERVICES Museums, Trails, Wedding Sites, Disc Golf Course, Cross County Course, Archery, Restrooms, Shelters, The Pavilion at Lemay Recreation Center, Museums
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday to Sunday – Open 24 Hours
Wednesday to Sunday – Noon – 04:00 pm (Museums)
ADDRESS 345 North Road, St. Louis, MO 63125, United States
PHONE 314-615-8800
EMAIL Enquires on Call
WEBSITE https://stlouiscountymo.gov/st-louis-county-departments/parks/places/jefferson-barracks-park/

Jefferson Barracks Park is dedicated to the Jefferson Barracks, a U.S. Army post from 1826 to 1946. The museums that we see today inside were once a part of the ordinance section. It is an excellent side for educating your kids about several cultural aspects. This St. Louis Splash Padhasmuseums, trails, wedding sites, golf courses, and Lemay Recreation Center’s infamous Pavilion.

The splash pad at the Jefferson Barracks Park is like any other park. You get pools, waterwork, and small fountains keeping your kids engaged. Just in case, your kids get to learn a lot about the old times through museums. As for the museums, you have the Jefferson Barracks Museums, Jefferson Barracks Telephone Museum, Laborers House and Ordinance Stable, and Missouri Civil War Museum, all with guided tours.

“This park is indeed a treasure on its own. You enter the museum, and you truly get absorbed in all of it. It is beautiful, calm, and a lovely place to visit with family. My 3-year-old always gets excited seeing deer sitting amidst the area. If you wish to look at the history and know what makes it so rich, you have to come to this place. True American Heroes have lived their lives here. Why not just go and see it? Also, you can have a golf shot. I sometimes do.”
– Craig Fox

7. Willmore Park

USP An Amazing Place for Adults, Kids, and Pets
PRODUCT/SERVICES Disc Golf Course, Pet-Friendly Walking Path, Dog Park, Splash Pads, Pavilions, Picnics, Tennis Court, Fishing Lake, Roller Hockey Rink, Softball Field, Playground, Soccer Field, Recreations
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday to Sunday – 06:00 am – 10:00 pm
ADDRESS 7200 Hampton Ave, St. Louis, MO 63109, United States
PHONE 314-289-5300
EMAIL Enquires on Call
WEBSITE https://www.stlouis-mo.gov/government/departments/parks/parks/browse-parks/view-park.cfm?parkID=93&parkName=Willmore%20Park

Featuring a beautiful lake, playground, and interactive helicopters for kids to play with, the Willmore Park is indeed a fun place to visit. 70 acres of the Wilmore Parksplash padwere donated by Cyrus Crane Willmore, a prominent St. Louis developer. With a couple of lakes, half a dozen fields, a playground, splash pads, and four pavilions, this place deserves to be on your list of weekend getaways.

This splash pad in St. Louisis small but has adequate instruments for children to play with. With swings, slides, water jets, a helicopter structure to play in, a music area, and several climbers, this splash pad keeps your kids busy throughout the day. As for the dogs, there is a separate space to take them to walk and play. However, it costs you annual membership to enjoy the services. The landscaping here today is undoubtedly going to make this mark turn into a beautiful one tomorrow.

“This has always been a great place to visit. We go here as a family together. My wife and I get to meet our friends at the pavilion. Meanwhile, my parents can have a view of the lake. God, they love to sit there. The best part is about the kids. I have never seen my sons leaving their mother’s hand and enjoying on their own. But they seem to get a bit lost in this place. It is hard to pull them out of the playground. Indeed a fun family placeit is!”
– Jake Pieterson