How We Rate

Rating is where the authentication of every business lies. At TopFinest, we only impart some of the best names that are worldwide known or hidden at the back ends. Either way, you are given a pinch of perfection in every business service and product brought forward by us.

There are a couple of ingredients that mark the essence of our ratings, “Unbiased Reviewing and Authenticity”. We bring forward businesses that aim to develop a positive change in your hustling life. Do you wish to know how we pick the names? Let’s narrate how businesses are rated here.

SERVICES What kind of services are primarily provided by the business? Do they offer any post-sale or pre-deal specials?
SERVICE QUALITY Do they stand out among the business rivals? Does their service match the quality that local people are looking for?
OWNERSHIP INFORMATION Is it a family-run business, sole proprietorship company, partnership firm, or corporation?
ENGAGEMENT How famous is the brand on social media? Do their online platforms have all the necessary information? Is there a social media engagement?
OPERATIONAL HOURS Does the business hold some special timing slots? Do they offer services on a 24×7 basis or a weekend basis? Are there special slots or reservations that people need to know?
USP Which quality makes the business stand out among competitors?
LOCATION Does the premise set-up belong to an accessible place? How many branches are there in the area?
CONTACT DETAILS How many mediums are there to reach the business? How many contact numbers do these have? How can you reach their official website? How do you contact their multiple branches? How can you make an appointment?
RECOGNITION Are their services recognized by the concerned bodies? Have they been awarded clinical awards in the past?
SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENTS Has the business earned a special award or made an accomplishment?
ACCURACY Do the reviews match the quality as boasted? Is the information offered easy to interpret?
OFFERS Does the business offer any special gift vouchers? What kind of perks such as discounts are offered? Are there any special offers you need to know?
CUSTOMER RATINGS What are people currently buzzing about? How well do businesses serve people in real? Are there any particular references? Which member do you need to meet? Are there any complaints?