Tattooing is a form of art that lets you treat your body like a canvas. A tattoo is a piece of art that stays with you; therefore, it is also important the memory of getting it is worth holding to as well. So, if you live in or around Chicago and are planning to get yourself a tattoo, we’ll make sure that you get it from a good tattoo artist and a good tattoo parlor. We have put together a comprehensive guide to the Top 7 tattoo shops in Chicago which can serve you with affordable yet best tattoo services. 

1. Wild Wind Tattoo

USP An open-air custom tattoo shop that welcomes walk-ins.
PRODUCTS/ SERVICES Custom Tattoos, Body Piercing
OPERATIONAL HOURS Thursday to Tuesday: 12 pm – 8 pm
Wednesday – Closed
ADDRESS 1452 N. Western Avenue in Chicago, IL60622, United States
PHONE 773- 227-2027

To offer you the most exhilarating experience of the world of tattooing, first on our list, we have one of the highest-rated tattoo shops in California – Wild Wind Tattoo. This local tattoo shop was established in 2015 and has managed to become the abode for tattoo lovers in absolutely no time. 

Rich Marafioti and other exceptionally skillful artists are dedicated to designing custom tattoos according to every customer’s liking. If you are a fan of body modification, the place also serves you with the best body piercing services. The open-air setup, along with quirky art installations, is bound to make you feel welcomed. Apart from their versatile range of services, their flexible walk-in availability is another reason to choose them.

“My friend Cassy and I went in for an impromptu tattoo, and we couldn’t have made a better decision. Chris was our tattoo artist, and we have to say that he is excellent at his work. He knows how to make people comfortable. Moreover, the cleanliness and the vibe of the place just added to the beautiful experience. I’m sure to visit the place many times in the future.”

– Rachel John

2. Chicago Ink Tattoo and Body Piercing

USP A tattoo and piercing studios with every other associated service
PRODUCTS/ SERVICES Customized Tattoo Art, Portraits, Tribal, Lettering Tattoos, Micro dermal Body Piercing, Piercing Jewelry, Permanent Makeup, and Aftercare.
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday to Saturday: 11am-11pm
Sunday: 12pm-7pm
ADDRESS 5415 W Irving Park Road, Chicago IL 60641, United States
PHONE 773-777-9663

If you’ve been looking for a local tattoo studio that can ink your imagination on your skin as it is, look no further. With numerous achievements under its belt, Chicago Ink Tattoo and Body Piercing has a legacy in offering a unique experience to its clients since it was established in 2008.

The team of the finest tattoo artists from across the world serves everyone- from a tattoo enthusiast to a first-timer. Their exceptional tattooing skills are evident in the details that they add to their designs. The team dedicated to doing better every day derives inspiration from local artists and foreign influences and keeps experimenting and upgrading their tools and techniques. Body piercing is another domain where they offer expertise. Their team of trained piercers helps you with all your body piercing needs.

” Got my entire sleeve tattoo done by Alan Gracia. Still in awe of his skill and his friendly nature. This was my second tattoo. The other staff members were extremely cooperative as well, and they cleared all my doubts related to the process and offered me great insights. They are the best local tattoo shop I’ve come across.”

– Amanda Grace

3. Mind Crusher Tattoo

USP Quality tattoo service that starts at as little as $50.
PRODUCTS/ SERVICES Affordable Tattoo Art
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday to Saturday: 11 am -9 pm.
Sunday: 12 pm to 6 pm
ADDRESS 6705 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60626, United States
PHONE 562-484-8165

Being one of the most affordable tattoo shops in Chicago, Mind Crusher Tattoo is a blessing in disguise. It is one of the rarest cheap tattoo shops that also offer the highest level of expertise in the work at the same time. Kevin Owings started the tattoo studio in 2016, who himself holds an experience of over 13 years in the industry of tattooing. Richard is another one of their experienced team members and has been doing tattooing for more than 25 years.

Every artist at the place has been intensively trained and has an undying passion for the art. 90% of their tattoo services arekept at a price as low as $30-50. This has made this place one of the most popular tattoo parlors amongst the people of Chicago. Further, the place not only allows walk-ins but is also open on all seven days of the week to serve their customers.

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“Ever since I’ve got a tattoo from Mind Crusher, I’ve been taking all my friends to the place. The cordial nature of the staff made me fall in love with the tattoo place. Davi did my tattoo, and she was exceptionally good at her work. Her experience was evident in the details that she added to the design. I got myself a tattoo for a price as low as 60$. Even at such low prices, they provide the best services. This makes them my first choice always.”

– Zack Edison

4. Deluxe Tattoos

USP Best tattoo studio that also allows same-day appointments
PRODUCTS/ SERVICES Custom Tattoo Designs, Virtual Appointments
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday to Saturday: 11 am -9 pm.
Sunday: 12 pm to 6 pm
ADDRESS 1459 W Irving Park Road Chicago, IL 60613, United States
PHONE 773-549-1594

Every listing about the best tattoo studios in Chicago is incomplete without mentioning Deluxe Tattoos and their top-notch services. Being voted as the best tattoo shop in Chicago two years in a row by the Chicago Reader is evidence enough of the excellent tattoo designs they create according to the customer’s demands. The tattoo place has been serving the people since 1997. The owner of the place, Ben Wahh, has been in the business of inking for a quarter of a century.

The place serves you with all your inking needs, from simple to full sleeve work. This quirky studio with its immensely talented staff is renowned for the customer satisfaction that it provides. They welcome walk-ins as well as same-day appointments toensure customer’s comfort further.

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“Deluxe has one of the best groups of tattoo artists with them. I’ve got two tattoos designed from the place – a tulip on my neck and a black and grey floral tattoo on my back arm – and I have been thrilled with the place. One of the tattoos was done by Jason, and the other by Troy, and I must say both are extremely talented artists. If you are a first-timer, you will love the place because they do everything they can to make the process as painless as possible.”

– Mandy Lucas

5. Great Lakes Tattoos

USP A tattoo destination cum art gallery
PRODUCTS/ SERVICES Exquisite Tattoo Designs, Tattoo Cover-ups, and Merchandise.
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday to Sunday – 12 pm to 8 pm
ADDRESS 1148 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60642, United States
PHONE 312-870-0458

Imagine a tattoo studio that not only serves you with the finest tattoos but also lets you witness soul-soothing art events, live music, and storytelling. Yes, Great Lakes Tattoos is one such best-rated tattoo parlor that makes this a possibility. The team of veteran artists is dedicated to celebrating and honoring the pristine art of tattooing.

They also allow walk-ins on a first-come, first-serve basis. Further, to ensure cleanliness and sanitation, they only use single-use equipments. Not only this, they provide complimentary touch-ups for tattoos at their studio for up to a year.Their versatile range of tattoo designs covers everything from traditional American to Japanese tattoo designs. They allow walk-ins as well. Due to their passion for the art of tattooing and world-class services, their clientele is not just local people but tourists as well.

“The place upholds its motto of cleanliness and civility. I’ve got all my four tattoos from this place, which already tells that my experience with the tattoo place was great. Though it is 35km away from my place, I always prefer it over the tattoo places in my neighborhood due to their efficiency in work and warm nature. I always get my tattoos from Mike because I love the details that he adds to the work. Also, he exercises extreme patience with all his customers.”

– Michael Joseff

6. Speakeasy Custom Tattoo

USP A tattoo store that creates original designs as per the client’s demands.
PRODUCTS/ SERVICES Custom Tattoo Services and Merchandise
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday to Saturday – 12 pm to 8 pm
Sunday – Closed
ADDRESS 1935 1/2 W. North Ave. Chicago, IL 60622, United States
PHONE 773-645-1703

Getting a tattoo might be an experience that you want to remember as a memorable one, and Speakeasy Custom Tattoo makes sure that happens. Every artist of the tattoo studio is an industry expert with a unique style. The tattoos you get from Speakeasy are not the ones you’ll come across while surfing the internet. They create original designs as per the clients’ demand.

The quality tattoo services of the place always keep it busy, and thus, it is an appointment-only tattoo shop. Their appointment system differs from that found in other tattoo studios. Here each artist has their own system, and therefore, appointments have to be made after choosing the artist. This keeps the system organized and allows them to serve their clients better. Further, the mellow vibe of this studio with its authentic interior ensures the comfort of both the clients and the artists.

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“Speakeasy custom knows perfection like no other tattoo studio in California. I have had many tattoos from many places, but my experience with Speakeasy is above all of them. I got the image of my pug tattooed on my back arm, and I can say they make true-to-life designs. While I got my tattoo done by Brigitta, I am sure that all of them are just as much talented. Also, the organized manner and luxury vibe of the place are other reasons why I loved the place.”

– Alex Redlich

7. Stained in Pain Tattoo

USP Custom tattoo studio with a massive team of seventeen artists
PRODUCTS/ SERVICES Tattoo Art, Tattoo Removal, Body Piercing
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday to Saturday: 12 pm to 12 am
Sunday: Closed
ADDRESS 4211 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60641, United States
PHONE 773-427-4653
WEBSITE http://Stainedinpa

Another top-rated tattoo shop in Chicago that can help you with all your tattoo-related needs is Stained in Pain Tattoo. The tattoo cum body piercing shop has been serving the people of Chicago for many years now. Their style is distinctively recognized in their well-thought designs. 

Their team of 17 skilled tattoo artists can give you almost every design you can think of.

Their custom tattooing service has made them a popular choice amongst the tattoo enthusiasts of the city. They also provided premium body piercing services to the customers. Their quirky studio, clean premises, and supportive staff are a few of many things that make them the best in their business.

“I took my husband Eric to the place to get him a tattoo on his shoulder, and he has a wonderful experience at Stained in Pain. Jon not only made an amazing tattoo for Eric but also eased him out with his fears. Though the process was a bit time-consuming, it was worth the wait as John paid attention to every intricate detail of the design.”

– Elena Brady<br />